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Hearthstone is a new coffeehouse and pub that opened its doors to the town of Fishers in December of 2011. For the owners, combining the two unlikely communal spaces provided a place that Fishers has never seen before.

“The definition of community and love happens around these two beverages. So we [decided] to make really good coffee and really good beer,” general manager Devin Rose said.

The founders of Hearthstone wanted to add a community-driven business that would provide a space for all age groups to come and hang out. The front of the building consists of a spacious layout of tables where patrons can enjoy meals, a fireplace with large, comfy chairs and plenty of space to spread out work or play one of the provided board games.

“It is somewhere you can bring your family and everyone can have something to do,” Hearthstone employee Michelle Johnson said.

Hearthstone tries to separate itself from large chains by doing as much as they can based out of the community.

“We buy our beans roasted local and our beers [are from] local taps,” Rose said.

Another way Hearthstone separates itself is through charity efforts. Every six months, they commit themselves to two different charities. Currently, they are working with Promising Futures and Poetic. For each drink Hearthstone sells, they donate 10 cents to charity. Eight cents is divided between the two charities and the other two go toward a free leadership training program which reaches all sorts of members of the community. Their first training session for this fiscal quarter brought in the Carmel police commissioner, CEOs of not-for-profit businesses, pastors and business owners.

The owners of Hearthstone say they are driven to help people locally and globally by their drive to love others and their faith.

“The charities may change, but what will stay the same is that one charity will be local and one will be global. While we are part of a local community, we are part of a global village, too, and we need to take care of each other,” Rose said.

Within the first month of operation, Hearthstone donated $1000 to their charities.

Hearthstone also offers different forms of entertainment almost every day of the week. Friday and Saturday nights consist of live performers and a schedule can be found on the Hearthstone website. Every Wednesday night is live trivia with cash prizes and Thursday nights differ between several forms of musical entertainment. Youth groups and other community programs utilize Hearthstone as a meeting place throughout the week.

Hearthstone’s menu varies for different times of the day. In the morning, options range from in-house cinnamon rolls to muffins, and lunch and dinner consist of different soups, salads and sandwiches. Appetizers such as salsa and chips or combined platters are also available.

No matter the menu, Hearthstone ensures a friendly environment for the Fishers community.

“I do not think it is as loud as other coffee shops,” Hearthstone customer Rendi Brooks said. “It is [also] more family oriented.”

Hearthstone is open seven days a week and is located on E. 116th St. by Taylor’s Bakery.

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