Losing Time and Saving Money

Allie Gibbons, staff writer

Shortening the school week to save money may sound appealing at first, but having to fit the same amount of learning material into fewer days would cause problems for everyone.

A four-day school week to save money has become a very popular topic in New York State according to the “New York Times.” There are many different things that could end up coming out of this. Is this what HSHS needs?

Making each school week one day less will be good for everyone.

“Shortening the school week will give students more time to rest, relax and study which will benefit grades,” sophomore Mariah Pottschmidt said.

This could mean more sleep so students would be more awake in class, but it could also just mean that students would stay up later.

One thing that would be harder about having less days in the year would be to learn the same amount of material as we do now.

“Students would have to learn the same amount of material in less time,” history teacher Mitchell Steckler said.

Learning the amount of curriculum we have now is hard enough as it is, but the thought of doing all that in one less day a week is unimaginable.

“The only way that the teachers would be able to teach all of the material in four days a week would be to lengthen the hours of each school day, and that really is not an option,” superintendent of HSE schools Dr. Brian Smith said.

At this time, creating a four-day week for HSE schools is just impossible.

“Indiana state laws states that all public schools must have 180 days. The legislation would have to change to legalize a four day week,” Smith said.

Most students would agree with me when I say that I would love to have a four-day week. More time for friends, for homework, and just to rest. But the problem with this is that, in the long run it will not be beneficial. No matter how hard the teachers may try, learning the same amount of material in almost 30 fewer days of school is just unrealistic.

“Although students may be better rested and more attentive, the educational level will go down. That would make SAT scores go down and make it harder for students to get into the colleges they want to go to,” Steckler said.

If the school system chose to do this it would be really hard on parents that work full time and have younger kids.

“Parents would have to take time off of work to stay home with their children when they should be at school,” Smith said.

The talk of shortening the school week may look good to many, but it is very unlikely that it will happen soon.


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