Staffer Reviews “Hunger Games”

Katie Crump, staff writer

“Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.” These familiar words covered posters and trailers, as the debut of the movie for the book trilogy “The Hunger Games”. Written by “New York Times” bestselling author and Indiana University graduate, Suzanne Collins, this trilogy has found a home on the shelves of teenagers all over the country. The pandemonium surrounding the books may have seemed of colossal proportions by itself, but that was until the announcement of a new movie, starring Jennifer Lawrence was set to come out in March 2012.

Characters Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch and Effie all appeared on the big screen for the first time at 12:01 in the morning on Friday, March 23 and the fandom that surrounded this premiere was astonishing. Mockingjay shirts and pins filled the never-ending lines of “Hunger Games” fanatics trying to get a good seat to watch the movie.

“It was fun. I really like midnight premieres because it is a lot of people that are obsessed with the movie or book. It was like a mini-Hunger Games party in line,” sophomore and “Hunger Games” fan Kelly White said.

This was only waiting for the movie to begin, however. Once in the theater, before and even during the movie, the atmosphere became even more electrifying.

“Midnight premieres as a whole have very vocal audiences. Emotions are running high so when something funny happens, everyone laughs and when something frightening happens, there are collective gasps,” sophomore Kaylis Dyer said.

For fans who have read the Hunger Games series almost religiously since it was first published, this movie should not be a disappointment. Having Collins as co-producer as well as screen-writer was an idea that definitely paid off. This idea will be a lesson to other directors trying to make a movie from a book. Collins understands her series inside and out and knew how to keep the feeling of the book alive in film as any author would.

“When I heard Suzanne Collins was going to be helping produce and write it, I felt that the director and actors felt obliged to let her guide it because without her story, the movie would be nothing. She really helped the story come to life,” sophomore Natali Cavanagh said.

Many people are already thinking about the next book, “Catching Fire”, and how it will be portrayed in the form of a movie. Fans across the country are all counting down until next year when they can go to another exciting midnight-premiere.

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